Song for a Highly Valued Professional Who Is Leaving the Company to Pursue an Exciting New Opportunity (or, Go Do What You Gotta Do)

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We hear you’re leaving, well, we won’t be grieving
So go on, just go on and go
We’ll stay behind and you’ll melt from our mind
Like a screen saver picture of snow

Yes, you’re the real deal, but that don’t mean we’ll feel
Abandoned or frightened or blue
We’ll clear the cache, drag your name to the trash, you
Can go do what you gotta do

Big corporations and organizations
Don’t need one particular guy
Someone gets fired and someone gets hired
And everyone somehow gets by

Just cause you’re clever don’t mean that we’ll never
Find someone as savvy as you
We’ll just replace you, we’ll copy and paste you
So go do what you gotta do

Just cause you quit doesn’t mean you’re a twit
It just means that you’re going away
Daydream believer and coffee achiever
We’re not gonna beg you to stay

We didn’t plan this, but we understand it
You just want to try something new
And when I say that we’ll all be okay
Well, that’s probably true
So go do what you gotta do